#1 Sophia Vergara

This beautiful actress’s life just got better and becoming the number one bodacious babe over 40 in PissedTrucker.com’s recent blog. Sophia Vergara, a Columbian-American actress, made us laugh for 10 years on the hit show Modern Family. When you see her married to Al Bundy, you can’t help but think there’s hope for us guys at PissedTrucker.com. Seriously bodacious and our number 1 pick! Her photo is a great reminder to let some air out of your tires when driving in extreme heat.

We hope we nailed it on the top 10 Bodacious Babes Over 40. Did we miss one? 

Let us know. Be safe out there our trucker friends, this country of ours couldn’t survive without truckers!

Pissed Trucker