Let’s be real — almost all NFL fan bases are annoying in their own way.

You think your team is the best, and your rivals are the worst. Every time a call goes the other team’s way, it’s a league-wide conspiracy against your team. But if your team gets a call, it was a great call. Your team has a bunch of tryhard “superfans” with serious “look at me” vibes — you care way too much about your team, your team has the craziest NFL fans, we get it.

But which teams have the worst NFL fans? Let’s take a look at some of the most toxic football fans in the NFL.

10. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos fans meme
Broncos fans think that the high elevation in one of the worst NFL cities makes their team better than the rest of the league. But that’s not why they’re on this list. Instead, they’re here because the “in-com-plete” chant after an opposing team drops a pass is the worst thing in the NFL and everyone else hates them for it.
Pissed Trucker