Once again, PissedTrucker.com is shocking the world by being one of the first credible internet news outlets to make this bold prediction before the election. Even the media is stunned by this early revelation (One of the pissedtrucker.com staff members’ cousins Benjamin works for a community newspaper and he’s shocked). So how did we moon pie eating, fire Cheeto loving political pundits come to our conclusion that President Trump will honor us with another four years? Well pull up a Big Gulp and we’ll explain from 5 to the number 1 reason.

#5 The candidate loves fast food.

The majority of Americans love fast food. It is the staple of our country’s digestive tract. Have you seen the grocery shelves when a disaster is about to hit? Do you see the only food left is organic? Well, there you have it! We love to eat junk and so does our beloved president.
Pissed Trucker