1. New England Patriots

New England Patriots fans meme
As if anyone else could top this list.

Patriots fans really believe The Patriot Way is a thing. They get off every time Bill Belichick cuts a player the day before the Super Bowl or benches someone who shows up late for practice. They think they’re better than other fans because they refer to their owner as “Mr. Kraft”. They somehow luck into every player that forces their way off another team and believe The Patriot Way will turn that individual into a standout human being.

But the real reason Patriots fans are so annoying? Despite their arrogance, they like to think they’re still the lovable losers. They seem themselves as the good old truck drivers who just want to see their team play every Sunday, and that’s definitely not the case. They can’t imagine why other fans hate them. They think they can parlay decades of Red Sox misery into playing the underdog forever — even though they’ve seen more titles in the last decade than most cities see in their lives. Boston fans have seen a run of success like no other, yet they still love to complain about the NFL’s conspiracy against the Patriots or the Yankees trying to buy a World Series. And that makes Patriots fans the worst NFL fans.
Pissed Trucker