#1 The Candidate is not Joe Biden.

What we love about President Trump is that he is not the career politician Joe Biden is. He talks like one of us, cares about where our money is being spent, and is doing what we all at pissedtrucker.com sent him to Washington to do, not be a politician. He also pisses off Dems and we just love rubbing it in their faces. They still haven’t gotten over the shock of 2016 when most of the states turned red.

We hope President Trump tweets about pissedtrucker.com and our insightful, political prediction picking him as the hands-down winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.  The staff at pissedtrucker.com will not share any of the polling data that helped us come to this conclusion and we are not granting any interviews with the media at this time. Don’t forget to vote!

Pissed Trucker